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Wireless temperature sensor together with AnyWare cloud helps Translink manage their entire rail network in Northern Ireland

AnyWare believes in the power of collaboration. Only with the right domain knowledge and digital solution can a system deliver the added value that makes the difference.

Our sister company Dual Inventive is recognised in the rail industry for developing innovative safety products such as the Critical Rail Monitor (CRM 3000) – a wireless temperature sensor. Our online data monitoring platform and Insight as application contributes immensely to ensure a safer and more maintainable track. It gives users the ability to customise their dashboards giving them relevant information to make informed decisions.

Early last year, Dual Inventive was approached by Translink. They were interested in the CRM 3000 as they were looking for a remote digital solution to monitor rail temperature across their network in Northern Ireland – from Londonderry in the Northwest to the border with the Republic of Ireland just south of Newry.

Together with our Asset Management Cloud and the CRM 3000 Translink were able to manage rail temperatures remotely removing the need to go on track. To find how the data compiled via Insight helped Translink monitor and manage their rail network during the hottest periods


Translink wanted a digital solution to monitor rail temperatures and provide them with real-time data to help them make informed choices during the summer periods.

The solution being the CRM 3000 – a critical rail monitor, which is a compact remote temperature sensor that attaches to the web of the rail with a quick-fit magnet.

The CRM 3000 takes a temperature reading every 5 minutes and transmits these readings every hour to AnyWare’s online cloud platform, via the Vodafone Business Narrowband Internet of Things technology (NB-IoT) network.

Using the Insight application enabled the end users to set alarm thresholds and tailor their dashboards to give them the data they needed. Using this data meant that Translink was able to monitor their rail network remotely whilst reducing the need for staff to be on track.

Having access to reliable data presented by Insight meant that Translink could view the time and length of the heat spikes, reducing the number of speed restrictions across their network providing cost efficiencies.

Using the CRM and the data gathered through AnyWare Cloud gave Translink the confidence to manage rail temperatures remotely and efficiently.

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