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We make your
asset information

available anywhere

The AnyWare Asset Management Cloud is the new revolution within Asset Management.

With dozens of proven cases, from Rail Infra to Critical Industries, our solution manages the complete lifecycle of your assets and connects Asset Owner, Asset Manager and Service Provider with 1 intuitive solution.

In a nutshell

Digital Maintenance Process

Process flows, work orders and reporting

Real-time data

Thresholds and alarms based on actual machine data

KPI Reporting

Dashboarding and Statistical reports to build real-time KPI dashboards

Open Platform

Our platform is able to integrate with any solution or device

Digital Asset Information

No more excels, PDFs and paperwork

Predictive Maintenance

Early warnings and defect detection

3 Steps to predictive maintenance

Digitizing Information

Digitizing your Asset Information in the Cloud

Actionable Data

Adding Real-Time Data to Make Your Data Actionable

Predictive Maintenance

Using Standard and Custom Models for Predictive Maintenance.

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